Andrew McAllister, Ph.D.

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Do you know the Top 7 Misconceptions that make couples more likely to fight?

Learn the game-changing X factors that will help the two of you say goodbye to angry arguments!

Meet Andrew McAllister, Ph.D.

Hi, I'm Andrew McAllister. I've always been fascinated with exploring what it takes to succeed in relationships. While my psychology degree helps me keep up with the latest approaches for helping couples, I've also been blessed to learn in the most hands-on way possible -- through thirty-five years of  marriage. For over a decade I’ve had the satisfaction of using this background to provide online relationship advice for thousands of people through a forum called "To Love, Honor, and Dismay." This has been hugely gratifying, but now I'm taking on an even more in-depth role in teaching the skills required to create and sustain romantic happiness. That's why I founded Relationship Skills Academy. I'm excited to help as many people as possible achieve strong, fulfilling relationships.


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